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This beautiful Citroen HY 72A van was built in 1965 and registered for the first time in Padua.
Today it is the only vintage Citroen camper approved in Italy for the private transport of persons. In perfect order of mechanics and body it is fully functional and ready to be use.
Facilities are: kitchen, heating system, bathroom, bedroom.

The Citroën TYPE H is a van produced from 1947 to 1981.
The designation "H" of the model is related to the fact that it was the 8th model being studied at that time, but it is not clear whether the letter H was chosen as the initial of huitième (in Italian "eighth") or in as much as 8th letter of the alphabet.
This sample of French work and its longevity have distinguished it for its multiple uses and adaptations to every type of commercial and private use.


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