Old Wheels Veteran Car Club Brescia
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Old Wheels Veteran Car Club Brescia

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Old Wheels Veteran Car Club Brescia

The collaboration between Luzzago 1975 and the ASI "Old Wheels Veteran Car Club Brescia" is renewed with great friendship and pride.

We actively participate in the Club by helping new and old members to complete procedures such as Certificates of Historical Relevance (CRS) and ASI approvals.


Some friends - several of whom were already members of another vintage car club and had long been passionate about collecting in this sector - met in the first months of 1986 with the desire to propose to organize - in order to keep the historical memory alive to the city and province of Brescia - the re-editions of the important and fascinating races called “Circuito della Fascia d'oro” and “Circuito del Garda”.

Thus it was that on 29 April 1986 the "OLD WHEELS VETERAN CAR CLUB - BRESCIA" was established by notarial deed, founded by 19 members: Luigi Ragazzoni, Antonio Merigo, Giacomo Gnutti, Ferdinando Lazzari, Antonio Zaccardo, Paolo Wuhrer, Cesare Merighi, Giovanni Ziglia, Ugo Millul, Roberto Binetti, Gianfranco Tironi, Walter Apostoli, Marco Capoccia, Renato Dugoni, Walter Galuppi, Marco Lama, Arnaldo Martinengo Villagana Ragazzoni, Alcide Rizzardo, Giorgio Marchetti.

After an initial period dedicated to providing the Club with the right structures and experiences gained with the first organizations of less important meetings, 7/8 October 1989 saw the start of the first re-edition of the "Golden Band Circuit" and - in occasion of the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the first edition - in 1991 the first re-edition of the "Circuito del Garda" also took place. Both races - which are regularity competitions with time trials - have been repeated ever since with good success. The Club also organizes non-competitive walks.

The registered office of the Club is in Brescia in Vicolo dell'Arciprete, 5 while the administrative headquarters is in Brescia in Via Tosio, 23/A. - C.F. VAT number: 03249240171 - Tel +39 030/48164 - oldwheelswcc@tiscali.it, info@oldwheelsbrescia.it.

The administrative headquarters is also operational and is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm - 2.30pm to 6.30pm.