It all started with the MG TD the "Number One"
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The origins and history

It all began with the "Number One".

1968 - The origins and history of Luzzago.

From a small passion to a large leading company in the sector. It all began way back in 1968. This is the story of two parallel lives. Di Valerio Luzzago and his legendary "Numero Uno" an unmistakably English 1951 MG TD; in whose collection it still excels unchallenged and inalienable. Valerio was struggling with the university and with the codes, but the "68" made its influence and its revolution felt. Valerio rebelled against conformism and decided that the "Numero Uno" would become his first car, the first of an entire collection. He chased it in the suburbs of London arriving at the "Toulmin & Toulmin" workshop where he bought it. He knew she was an old lady who needed a lot of work to get back on the streets as in her youth; but he didn't care. Once bought, she set off to return home on an adventure journey. He tamed it, crossing the Alps by passes and passes not yet violated by tunnels. - The snow got in everywhere, from the windows, from the hood, even from the holes in the bodywork - it needed to be restored. Day after day, piece by piece he took it apart and reassembled it. He gave her a new body and soul. And one fine spring day in 1969, the "Number One" was racing again like in the old days.


1975 - A great passion that became an entrepreneurial reality. The first company in the sector is born.

Only five years later, the passion and lifestyle choice of making vintage cars their daily work came together. After undertaking various trips to England in search of other cars to add to the collection, which already boasted 18 pieces, he realized that it would have been too expensive and demanding to keep it. He looked for a mechanic, a body shop, suitable equipment and finally a car repair shop. Unbeknownst to him, he was shaping the first company in the sector. Thus Valerio Luzzago invented the collection of vintage cars as a commercial phenomenon. Phenomenon that did not yet exist on the market and not only in Italy. In car magazines it was in fact relegated to the occasional offer of the old used car of some private individual. The company grew and developed in the following years and in addition to the sale of vintage and collector's cars, new activities were added. It specializes in restoration, the sale of dedicated spare parts, rental, brokerage and the organization of auctions.




1980 – Expansion of the car fleet and new headquarters in Sant'Eufemia.


1990 – Luzzago moved to its definitive headquarters in via Mandolossa.
The 90s start brilliantly, the historic car market is constantly growing. the company established itself as a leader in the vintage and collector's car sector in Italy. It is recognized worldwide.
2010 – A new generation is coming.

In 2010 the time came to give space to the new generation to ensure its natural continuation and future rotation. Valerio was joined by his sons Ottavio and Nicolò in the perspective that new ideas and the enthusiasm of their twenty years could better interpret the world of young enthusiasts and even more develop Luzzago srl.



2012 - A company that over the decades, despite the alternation of events, maintains a continuity of image in its name.

In 2012, personal assessments suggested different choices to the owners of Luzzago srl. If the economic crisis had weighed heavily on the sector in Italy, the international market had remained very dynamic and the value of a historic brand known throughout the world as "Luzzago" could not escape the attention of foreign investors. Hence the decision of the latter to acquire the brand and to make a company that represented the first and unparalleled reality in the sector their own. This is how Luzzago 1975 srl was born.



2019 – Back to the past towards the future.

In 2019, with the interest of investors lacking and the deadline for exercising the put option having expired, the Luzzago family decided to re-enter the sector by acquiring ownership of Luzzago 1975 srl. Thus continues, with Valerio and his sons Ottavio and Nicolò, the story of a parent company of the collector car market; which started with passion back in 1975 brings with it the experience of over twelve thousand cars sold and a fleet of over 150 prestigious cars from every era.

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