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For many enthusiasts of the world of 4 wheels, a car is not just a simple means of transport, especially when it starts to look a few years old.
This is the case of vintage cars, collector's items that have made their history and made a great impression.
A car is defined as vintage after at least 30 years have passed since its registration in the ASI registers, i.e. the year of construction.
Witnesses of a cultural panorama of a well-defined historical period, vintage cars are able to evoke old emotions, transmuting them into something in a modern key, without ever losing that charm that has always distinguished them.
Vehicles with a charm of other times that have marked the history of the past, whose value continues to grow over the years, which is why they must be protected as real works of art. It is useless to deny it, vintage cars still exert an irresistible charm today: who has never turned around on the street to look at one with great admiration?
Well yes, the 4-wheel vintage never sets.

The fascination of history, the roar of the engine, the bodies completely different from those we are used to today: vintage cars are extremely precious.
Not surprisingly, they continue to be loved, dreamed of and sought after by countless collectors from all over the world.
Today, thanks to Luzzago you will be able to discover them up close.
If you are a great lover of vintage cars and want to delve into the world of cars that have marked the history of the past, you are in the right place!
Here you will always have updated news on the world of Luzzago and the collection of classic cars from the most prestigious brands of all time.