Fiat 850 Coupè S1 classic cars and historic for sale in Brescia from Luzzago 1975
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850 Coupè S1


Fiat 850 Coupè S1 - 1967

€ 11.500

Fiat 850 Coupè S1 - 1967


Fiat 850 coupe' first series with plates and first registration booklet from 1967 in the province of Mantua. Only two owners since the new generation passed from father to son. Registered in the ASI register with certificate of historicity. Car repainted externally while everything else is entirely original. Although the odometer shows 3464 km, it has most likely already completed one lap. The car is complete with original wheel wrench and jack.

Model history and curiosity

Dante Giacosa, under whose aegis the "850 Coupé" project was created, had given instructions to maintain the general layout, the platform and a good part of the mechanics, used for the "850 Berlina" model; it was therefore a question of making changes, within rigidly established limits. The Fiat Style Center, led by Mario Boano, created a sober and balanced line, managing to obtain an elegant and sporty appearance, whilst adopting the aerodynamic innovation of the K shape, maintaining a passenger compartment for 4 people and a front boot of sufficient capacity. The only flaw was the height of the grille, due to the impossibility of placing the spare wheel horizontally, which however was visually attenuated by larger diameter headlights.

The interiors are particularly refined with wooden finishes on the dashboard, racing-type instrument panel with two large diameter rounds which recalled that of the Ferraris of the fifties and sporty sky-covered armchairs, but also comfortable enough for long journeys and with reclining backrests in both directions for access to the rear seat.

What supported the happy aesthetic-ergonomic result was the success of the mechanical transformation made up of many small modifications, starting with the moving masses, improved by the braking system with Bendix discs at the front and larger diameter tyres. The steering column was equipped with an elastic joint and the electrical system was completely redone and modernised. Great attention was paid to the engine (Type 100 GC 000) with the increase in diameter of the intake and exhaust valves, also equipped with a double return spring, and with the variations on the connecting rods, the piston crown profile and the shaft distribution, now controlled by a double track chain. The fuel system was improved with the adoption of a new intake manifold and the double-choke Weber carburettor with supercharger device. The exhaust system saw the elimination of the manifold, replaced by 4 separate ducts which convey the gases directly to the silencer.

The "850 Coupé" was put on sale in March 1965, at the price of L. 950,000 ex-dealership, in the body colors of white, beige, steel grey, light blue, medium blue, red and black. Proposed in a single version, it could be embellished, on request, with the rev counter (L. 15,000), the anti-theft steering lock (L. 4,500) and the tires with white walls (L. 6,500).

The commercial response was greater than expectations and FIAT arranged to double production, from the 100 units/day initially planned to the subsequent 200. In addition to the distinctive aesthetic appearance, the public's appreciation was due to the car's compliance with the needs of a wide range of potential buyers, also thanks to the operating economy, reasonable purchase price and notable performance. In fact, with its declared maximum speed of over 135 km/h (139/140 actual), the small "850 Coupé" was able to keep up with cars of much higher displacement and cost. In less than 3 years, approximately 180,000 examples were produced.


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Technical data

850 Coupè S1
03468 (odometer)
N. Doors
N. of Seats
Exterior colour
Interior colour
Registration plate
Driving Position
Chassis Number
100 GC * 0124213 *
Engine Number
100 gc 000
In sede
€ 11.500


Allory wheels
ASI certified
Black plate
First registration book
Matching Numbers
Skai interior
White plate

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