Ferrari Mondial T 3.4 (F108ALD) (1 of 858) classic cars for sale in Brescia from Luzzago
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Mondial T 3.4 (F108ALD) (1 of 858)

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Ferrari Mondial T 3.4 (F108ALD) (1 of 858) - 1989

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Ferrari Mondial T 3.4 (F108ALD) (1 of 858) - 1989

Model history and curiosity

At the Geneva Motor Show in March 1989, the Mondial T was presented. This model features the new engine mounted in a longitudinal position and the innovative transverse gearbox (hence the name T) designed to equip the Ferrari 348 which will be launched on the market 6 months later.

The engine displacement is 3,405 cm³ (with a bore of 85 mm and a stroke of 75 mm) and the power is 300 HP at 7,200 rpm (with a maximum torque of 33 kgm at 4,200 rpm) . With this new engine, the Mondial T (also produced in coupé and cabriolet versions) reaches 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds and records a top speed of 257 km/h, maintaining excellent driving ease.

Also complicit in the increase in performance was the new Bosch Motronic 2.5 electronic ignition and injection system which replaced the K-Jetronic mechanical system. The new longitudinal, rather than transverse, engine, as well as improving the efficiency of the exhausts, allowed the car's center of gravity to be lowered by 12 cm. The electronic suspension control had variable calibration in Soft, Auto (a control unit adapts the suspension depending on the road surface) and Hard modes. The gearbox became transverse, with a cantilevered rear twin-disc clutch.

Rear view
The aesthetics were also modified with a smaller and lowered air grille (which some enthusiasts didn't like) and more enveloping bumpers. The wheel arches had more rounded lines and the door handles were in the same color as the bodywork. The interiors were also redesigned with a more sober style with a new dashboard, a new central tunnel, new seats and a new steering wheel.

One of the latest evolutions of the Mondial was the Valeo, equipped with an innovative electronic clutch gearbox (therefore no pedal) which allowed you to change gear without any pressure or presence of the clutch.

A 1992 Mondial T cabriolet
Ferrari decided to export a few Mondial Ts. There were around 43 examples in the United States, where the coupé became very rare and expensive for several years following the death of Enzo Ferrari. One of the latest T coupés appears in a black color in the test video of the Motorweek broadcast.

Production finally ceased in 1993 and with it the production of Ferrari "2+2" with V8 engine also ended. The 456 GT can be considered its heir, however equipped with a more classic (for Ferrari production) V12 mounted at the front. In fact, the 456 GT was the most direct descendant of the 412, which came out a few years earlier. The 2008 California can be considered more similar to the Mondial T.

858 examples of the Mondial T were produced in the coupé version[6] (of which 51 with right-hand drive) while 1,010 examples of the Mondial T were produced in the Cabriolet version (of which 45 with right-hand drive).

According to a ranking dated April 2017 drawn up by Autoscout (list from 1st to 10th place of the most requested cars) and reported by all the main automotive and non-automotive sites, the Ferrari Mondial is in 1st place among the most undervalued cars of the past and today the most sought after , followed in 2nd place by the Maserati Biturbo and in 3rd place by the Ferrari Dino GT4.


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Mondial T 3.4 (F108ALD) (1 of 858)
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