Mercedes Benz 300 SL (R107) classic and historic cars for sale in Brescia from Luzzago 1975
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300 SL Automatic (R107)

C935 - Service book

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Automatic (R107) - 1986

€ 49.900

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Automatic (R107) - 1986


Latest version of the R107 series, the most updated and coveted by fans of the model.

The car we offer was built in 1986 and has an original Mercedes service booklet with certified kilometres. Last service carried out at the Mercedes dealer in Modena at 106,000 km.
The car is registered with ASI with certificate. Assembles fully functional AIR CONDITIONING system.

Many invoices available for maintenance carried out in the last 2013 to today.

Model history and curiosity

R107 is the technical acronym of a luxury roadster produced by Mercedes-Benz between 1971 and 1989 and part of the series of cars defined as the SL Class.

The R107 had a difficult task: to replace the popular SL Pagoda model in the price list of the Made of the 3-pointed star. Although the progenitor still sold well, to reaffirm the undisputed technical supremacy, in Stuttgart they realized the need for a new model, more advanced from the point of view of driveability. The Pagoda, in fact, like all Mercedes of the sixties became extremely demanding on wet or damp asphalt due to the reactions of the rear axle with swinging arms with central compensation shock absorber. The W107 project, from which both the R107 roadster and the C107 (or SLC) coupé would be born, was started in November 1967. The new roadster was intended to consolidate the success of the Pagoda, both in a general sense and in particularly in the US market, where the previous model was already successful. The new US regulations on road safety, regulations which at the time of the W107 project were close to coming into force, were one of the directives imposed by the Daimler-Benz top management for the creation of the new roadster.

Despite not having the aesthetic appeal of the model that preceded it, the modern and squared line (as in vogue at the time) was liked and the car achieved great success. During its long career it did not undergo any significant aesthetic changes, but was kept up to date from a technical point of view.

In 1972 the 450SL version was introduced, powered by a 4520 cm³ (225hp) injection V8, combined with a 4-speed automatic gearbox. This engine, belonging to the M117 engine family, is practically the same as the 350SL 4.5, but was more powerful as it was not impaired by all those anti-pollution measures required by US regulations. The maximum power thus reached 225 HP.

In 1974, following the oil crisis of that period, the 280 SL was introduced, equipped with the 2.8-litre M110 double-cam capable of delivering 185 HP.

In the second half of the seventies of the twentieth century, there was a gradual transition to electronic injection from mechanical injection, a transition that began in 1976 on the 280SL and continued until the early eighties, thus affecting the entire range.

In February 1980, on the occasion of a very light restyling of the interior, the range was revised: the 280SL was equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, the 350SL was replaced by the 380 SL (3818 cm³, 218hp), while the 450 SL left the place for the 500SL (4973 cm³, 240hp). The latter was recognizable by the dark colored painting of the lower part of the bodywork and by a small rear wing in black plastic. With this mid-life update, almost all engines with cast iron blocks were removed from the range (except the 2.8 M110), replaced by light alloy units. This, combined with the use of aluminum engine covers, helped reduce the weight of the cars and save something in terms of consumption.

In 1981 the engines received new upgrades to further improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption and pollution. In particular, the 3.8 was remodeled more massively, reducing its bore and increasing its stroke, thus obtaining a new unit with 3839 cm³ and 204 hp of maximum power.

In 1985, together with a new central console, the R107 was enriched in its equipment (all of them received, as standard, the ABS system, previously optional) and updated in the range of engines. The update, essentially consisting in the increase in displacement of the in-line 6-cylinder and the smallest of the V8s, also saw the new transition from mechanical to electromechanical injection. This update was aimed at increasing ride flexibility and reducing polluting emissions. The 280SL was thus replaced by the 300SL (2962 cm³, 182hp), while the 380SL gave way to the 420 SL (4196 cm³, 218hp). These two versions were also offered in a catalyzed version. The 500 SL was almost unchanged, but it got a small front spoiler and 5 hp more from its engine.

From the R107 series, a coupé model was also derived whose design code was C107, whose differences compared to the open car essentially consisted of the longer wheelbase and closed bodywork. These cars were commercially recognizable by the acronym SLC.


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Technical data

300 SL Automatic (R107)
107171 (odometer)
N. Doors
N. of Seats
Exterior colour
Interior colour
Registration plate
Driving Position
Chassis Number
In sede
€ 49.900


Allory wheels
ASI certified
Disc brakes
Leather interior
Matching Numbers
Sun roof
White plate

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